Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pat's Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art

Pat's Pet Portraits and Wildlife Art Pat's being modest-- fine composition and an artist who knows how to set a landscape scene to get best contrast between field and ground -- for a still life there is a lot of "action" without forcing. The way the fox and bird are lovingly engaged with each other-- you can sense the hunt.

I say lovingly in the broader sense of the word love -- feeling connected- the way a good painter can draw you into a story with the bend of a subject's head, the flight of a wing-- to build a sense of anticipation and convey a moment's drama in the wild.

What I love about Blogger and other free blog services is the chance it gives artists like Pat to convey their relationship to their respective creative process over time-- so you can see the earlay iterations of this art in previous entries as you scroll through the blog.

I wish more poets would do something similar -- share the construction process of their journey from draft poem to the finished work.

I think more people would write if they knew the steps and stumbling we all take in making our effort.


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