Friday, December 31, 2010

Complete Plant List/ Good Nature's Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Wildflower poster sale today

Good News from Kew Botanic Gardens and an international effort by botanists to name all the plants known to us.  Flora fans celebrate!  I thought you'd enjoy a painting of one of our biggest flora on Earth!

See Good Nature for more than 500 illustrated flora and fauna painted by award winning realist artists.  Buy 1 Get 1 FREE today

See Good Nature's Giant Sequoia art for sale here


Timothy Colman, publisher

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Good Things Must End Sale Buy 1 Good Nature Publishing native flora poster, get 1 FREE

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

We're just past Solstice, Christmas, and welcoming the New Year here in Seattle.

My wife and I have been talking on and off about future directions in this short life together -- and have decided to close up Good Nature Publishing in 2011, and move onto other things.*

And to celebrate, we're having a Buy 1 poster get 1 FREE sale-- our best ever way to share our love of flora and fauna art Good Nature has designed and published the past 15 years.

Please share our link with friends and family. (Supplies are limited to posters in stock. I am selling licenses to the art for educational purposes.)

See Good Nature Publishing website and go to west or east depending on where the heck you are living or want to send some love.

Thanks! Get the bestselling Native Wildflowers, Evergreen tree posters: NW Native Conifers, Native Conifers of Eastern US, The Old Growth Forest poster, and our beautiful new art, too.

best fishes and wishes to you in the new year,

Timothy Colman
Good Nature Publishing

* Other things for me means more work on my writing life, getting a chance to stretch out and work in a bigger team of people involved in social justice, green education. We'll see. I have a children's story I have been working on, and a book on "Slow Water" that I want to write -- to tell the stories of all my friends building rain gardens, swales, planting cisterns and slowing water down so it seeps into the ground instead of getting flushed into the Sound.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friends of Parks Limited Time Offer Buy 10 get 10 FREE

"Inspired, beautiful art!" Val Easton, Plant Talk
"Horticultural fine art!" Sunset Magazine

Good Nature Publishing is having a volunteer appreciation sale. Decorate your park, your watershed council walls, give gifts to key people with beautiful educational art. Perfect end of year gift for green non profits.

Here is the scoop of the week: Order any 10 posters for $9.99 ea. Doesn't matter if they are $19.99 or $25-- they are all $9.99 if you order 10-- mix titles is fine.

And then you get 10 FREE wildflower posters with your order of 10 or more posters. That's $200+ FREE posters. But hurry. Supplies are limited. First come first serve.

See details @ Good Nature's Co-ho-ho Restoration Volunteer Appreciation sale

And thanks for buying green this winter. Give art that teaches and inspires restoration and renewal this holiday season. Order yours today!

Best fishes,

Timothy Colman
Good Nature
800 631 3086

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Live in the masses and sell to the classes

Dear Small Business Fairy,

Why do I hate December sales pressure?  It is such a short month.

I get up and enjoy my work-- there is enough creative stuff going on with writing and working with great artists to make me happy.

But holiday sales seem to bring out the best of times and the worst of times. 

I get no orders while big stores are shipping everything free.

And then I get a lot of orders ten days before Christmas and even one or two people who want me to overnight Good Nature's art. 

The other part of December that is odd-- it is a short month.  Most of my sales online are over by December 18th. 

Is this normal to think this way?


Holly Daize

Dear Small Business Dudess,

Perfectly normal to feel that way.  Amazon, Wal Mart and the Dollar Store have you in their sites and they are going to take you down.

But that isn't a bad thing. Why? A lesson can be learned while you are waiting for the television crews to come and find your home made free range spicy ketchup product. 

A friend of mine put it this way:  You can sell to the classes and live in the masses, or sell to the masses and live in the classes.

Good luck.  I think most small businesses have the same gut check you do.  You have great company!