Friday, July 25, 2008

Help for honeybees --

Illustration by Dugald Stermer
Help for honeybees --

Great story on good people working to encourage America the Beautiful's PolleNation.

Read the list of recommended plants, go find some good earth, and make a difference in our collective future.

Read on!

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Cancer doc urges cell phone precaution | Crave, the gadget blog - CNET

Cancer doc urges cell phone precaution | Crave, the gadget blog - CNET

Tumor Alert: Just because everyone else is doing it, do not expect them to be visiting you on the cancer ward.

It turns out we are the lab rats in a true to life low level persistent radiation test. Think about it:

• Cell phones
• Wireless signals for computers everywhere
• Electricity fields from power lines we walk through every day
• Solar background radiation

It all adds up to a large experiment on our bodies ability to sustain life without going sideways and start making tumor tots.

I am cutting my use of cell phones way back -- when using them I am going to put the speaker phone on and keep the handset away from my body-- especially my head.

NOTE TO PARENTS: You just have to be taking stupid pills to let your kid talk on these things. They have a much longer life to get exposed to radiation. Just say no-- have your kids practice using landlines. Given the corporate culture where profit comes before people, consider the warning above to be the best you are going to get in America until well after the baby boomers are really sick.



Thursday, July 17, 2008

Natural History Artist Mindy Lighthipe: A garden becomes a work of art |

A garden becomes a work of art |

Mindy Lighthipe's
a fine botanical artist-- here in a story about her beautiful blooming garden.

Mindy has a rare gift of being able to paint flowers and bugs AND perspective.

Enjoy her website and tell her to keep up the good work. Everyone needs encouragement.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Coda -- a poem


And now I know what most deeply connects us

after that summer so many years ago,
and it isn’t poetry, although it is poetry,

and it isn’t illness, although we have that in common,

and it isn’t gratitude for every moment,
even the terrifying ones, even the physical pain,

though we are grateful, and it isn’t even death,

though we are halfway through
it, or even the way you describe the magnificence

of being alive, catching a glimpse,

in the store window, of your blowing hair and chapped lips,
though it is beautiful, it is; but it is

that you’re my friend out here on the far reaches

of what humans can find out about each other.

—Jason Shinder

Found at Gray Wolf Press