Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Banker Left Behind Bailout Principles - Senator Bernie Sanders

Daily Kos: Bailout Principles - Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has proposed some clear language to promote progressive values for the No Banker Left Behind legislation.

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Rain gardens capture storm water, clean it up

Rain gardens capture storm water, clean it up

Great review of a type of low impact development that should replace 25% of our concrete in Seattle metro area.

Think of it as urban wetland mitigations. Start with a city plan to grow 10,000 to replace the cut trees, the lost forests that were here before we called this place home.


Great Depression? 7 Questions on the Crash and Burn financial system

You and I are now proud owners of an international insurance company named AIG that I didn't really think about a month ago. We own Freddie and Fannie, and billions of mortgages, which is making me feel a little woozy. (Rumor has it we own the shareholder lawsuits coming, too)

So now that I have to pay attention to more than our house payments, credit card payments, and my business vendors, let me ask a few questions:

1. What is the $60 trillion debt swap that some say has bad money chasing funny money?

2. Is this purchase of a trillion dollars in bad debt going to change any behavior? Are we simply shifting the burden from a corrupt financial system to taxpayers?

3. Who benefits from this scheme?

4. Show me the money. Where is the suddenly Socialist Bush getting this money?

5. Does this shifting the debt to Taxpayers create another bubble in Treasury notes as some indicate?

6. Is it true that rich people actually NEED an economic DEPRESSION so they can take their paper wealth and convert it to real goods on the cheap?

7. I have heard few specifics about progressive reforms that give taxpayers, citizens in the US some say about the ways in which big money can now charge us for using our money. Where is the pay off for small businesses getting low interest credit lines? Where is the money for universal health care, which would take a big load off small business and big in this country? Where is the credit card reform bill that puts a ceiling on the usurious rates Visa and Mastercard charge?

(Visa just announced that business to business credit card charges are going to cost me 4.5% per transaction. That is a far cry from the 2% plus .25 cents transaction Costo Merchant Services said they'd charge when I started with them. Credit card companies make big bucks on consumer debt, and they also make a lot by charging businesses who accept your Visa & MC. You will say that is the cost of doing business. I say that is an unregulated part of our financial system we just bought -- and we now have a say over how much it should cost us.)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

US Treasury Bonds: The Biggest Bubble of Them All

US Treasury Bonds: The Biggest Bubble of Them All Read and weep. This crisis is a long way from being over.


Truman Never Gave the Republicans Hell, Harry Truman Claimed. "I Just Told the Truth and They Thought it Was Hell."

BuzzFlash > Editorial > Truman Never Gave the Republicans Hell, Harry Truman Claimed. "I Just Told the Truth and They Thought it Was Hell."

Dear Sen Obama, please note that Harry Truman's good words. Food for thought as we are about to indenture ourselves to a trillion dollars of bad debt.

I want a tax that hurts the rich who have made off like bandits-- leaving us with the bill for cleaning up the slot machine economy they leave behind.

This is how the game was set up.

Now we are supposed to pay the price?

I say enough!

Where is any progressive legislation for us taxpayers and owners of Visa and Master Card? Do we get locked in low interest rates for this huge bail out?

Do we have a shared sacrifice for late payment fees going down to $5 from $35?

Will there be some anti usery laws put in place to protect working class people from getting reamed by predatory lenders?

I want something guaranteed to protect the working and middle class. Don't just bend over and flush out our entire treasury.

Of course, now we have lenty of money for universal health care, education and retirement. What a relief!




Sunday, September 14, 2008

Invasive Notes: Invasive Inconvenience Wicked Definitions

Invasive Notes: Invasive Inconvenience Wicked Definitions Good writing contrarian view of the invasives rage.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Badmitten Gold Medal Advice For Democrats

I enjoyed this letter to an opinion piece in the NYT today.

I would add that the only way Bush and McCain win the Presidency again is if you stay home and uninvolved in Obama's campaign. Talk to friends, volunteer, contribute. (Yes we can, Yes I am)

The real game changer on America's politics is to take a big step away from politics being fed to you via television and going out for the next few weeks and talking to people, then stay involved and protect your country. Show your love for America by not letting corporate greed distract you and me from getting attention paid to our economic problems, health care for all, and quality education that leads to healthy high paying green jobs.

Here is the Collins letter from NYT. Read on

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Daily Kos: And Now For The Voting.

Daily Kos: And Now For The Voting.

I think the piece by Jeff Lieber on getting out to vote now so we can get out the vote later is crucial to winning this fall.

So if you are still doing television politics-- the kind where you feel close to Obama but haven't gotten involved in asking others to vote, walking your precinct, putting together mailings or whatever-- now is the time friends and family.

The reason why the right has won the last two elections has to do with persistence and some theft in Ohio -- this I believe.

But we have to make a vote that is not even close-- so they can't steal this one from us.

Will you help? Are you registered to vote?