Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain Obama Tax Cut Chart - Lets make it viral

Daily Kos: Cool Obama Tax Cut Chart - Lets make it viral

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Anonymous said...

Hello Timothy, Thanks for sharing this info. I have shared with my friends and we are spreading the word to take a look. Hopefully people will stop listening to the spin doctors and do some research to get the facts. I am sharing a copy of the email I have sent out also. I had to be careful on how I worded it so that hopefully many of the people I have tried to reach will listen as I have learned many are not even willing to listen about Obama. I continue to try to at least get them to listen. Maybe this Chart will help.
copy of email I sent out,

Hello All,

PLEASE take a moment and review the chart below. Tim and I have discussed that no matter who is elected President he has a tough road ahead of him with the state of today's Ecomony and much of the mess that Bush will leave behind. No Matter who is elected President he will have to do many things that we as Americans will not like in order to get us back on track. All I am asking is that you look at the chart I am emailing on how Taxes will be raised by each Candidate. It does not matter who is elected Taxes will be raised but look at the chart to see how they will be raised and who is going to pay the most. I just hope that people stop listening to the spin doctors of the media and the haters spreading rumors and do research on the candidates to get the TRUTH. If your are not registered to vote please do so before the deadline.