Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good Nature Publishing's natural history art Bestsellers in September 2011

Good Nature Notes for Sept 28 2011 1. Good news! Good Nature's Bumble Bee fine art by Dugald Stermer is free if you order now while supplies last. Just pay for shipping and we'll get the last of the first edition out the door to you. Please share this link with friends of pollinators Great gift! 2. Good Nature's Top 5 Poster Field Guides 1. Rain Garden Good Nature's bestselling poster field guide to growing your own rain garden. Join the clean water low impact living r/evolution. Buy today, and use to teach and inspire brothers and sisters in urban and suburban cities to keep rain water in the ground where it belongs and not running downstream. 2. Pacific Salmon of North America in part thanks to a fundraiser for Save Our Wild Salmon in September thanks to Joe Sarmiento SoCal Salty for setting it up! Artwork by award winning artist Dugald Stermer 3. Native Wildflowers 28 natives from across the country. Beautifully illustrated by award winning artist John C. Pitcher 4. NW Native Conifers All time bestseller. Who could imagine developing a small business started with beautiful art of all 32 native pine trees in the Northwest? Illustrations by friend and landscape architect Mike Lee 5. California Oak Woodland Community by Suzanne Duranceau a stunning artist who worked on this fine oil painting of 22 native flora and fauna for almost a year. Worth the wait. Those are our bestsellers in September. Check out Good Nature's fine art poster field guides and take advantage of Good Nature's Buy 2 get 2 free offer! I guarantee your satisfaction! Treemendously, Timothy Colman, publisher