Saturday, May 03, 2008

Moss Makes a No-Care Lawn - New York Times

Moss Makes a No-Care Lawn

Moss can be a great sponge for gardens-- and more of it the better for some parts of the country.

Thanks to gardeners like David Brenner, master gardeners and landscape designers from all over the country are getting their courage up and change the garden lawn game plan away from grass.

Here in the Northwest we are starting work on a new Good Nature poster to celebrate rain gardens-- native plants can help soak up storm water and encourage biodiversity in our over paved urban areas.

The future of green living should encourage more moss, rain gardens, eco roofs, semi permeable pavers, and backyard habitat reconnecting neighborhoods to the natural world.

Of course -- this is only a dream right now. The City of Seattle promotes tree planting for climate change but lets the chain saws rip down old tree after old tree. So now we have density -- a good-- killing off great trees -- another social good.




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