Saturday, May 24, 2008

75 yrs avg life expectancy: Age shouldn't be an issue for McCain

The fact that John McCain is 74 and average life expectancy for Anglo men is 75 should not be an issue.

So what if he is older? Lots of people make it to their 80's and 90's without a problem.

Sure-- he's headed into the time of life where strokes and leg bags become more popular-- but there is no evidence to indicate McCain is prone to either of these problems.

Did he smoke for years? If he did, that would make the average age a white man dies more relevant.

Has he worked out?

I know he's suffered enough as a human being with his war record indicating torture. He undoubtedly killed people, and that has to weigh a person down.

But he's got a younger wife who doesn't measure her happiness in Viagra pills I would hazard a guess.


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