Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good news on Darfur: Sudan Says Yes To More UN Troops

Read BBC for whole story. All we are saying is give peace a chance. Stop saying the holocaust was something in the past. It is happening right now in Darfur.

And except for Nicholas Kristoff in the NYT, you'd never know Africa existed in most American press.

Of course -- most American whites don't think of Africa as Mother Africa from where we came. We are somehow different than our brothers and sisters in Africa. They got it wrong. How else to explain the famine, disease, pestilence of war? Let me count the ways I keep myself separate from thee. Skin color is just the start.

I mean-- most of them are making a $1 a day. So whassup with dat?

What is the common bond of all wars that break out in Africa? Drought-- no rain.

Good to read about this breakthrough in afforable water filtration.

Thanks to BBC for creating Science and Nature.

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