Sunday, December 24, 2006

Courage me: Stop Climate Crisis & Help Africa, Help Yourself

BBC Green room give you something to ponder: If you give goats to poor children, don't kid yourself.

Roll up dem sleeves pardner and help stop climate crisis we are creating here in US of A.

What are you doing going against those nice people at Oxfam?

Read on!

Oxfam's offering to buy goats and farm animals for poor farmers is in their best interests short term. What Menghestab Haile with World Food Programme is asking for is for follow up -- sure you are politically silenced-- bought off with convenience and way laid from caring because you too have the busy busy bee thing going. -- read on.

Yes-- I want someone to hire us to make ecosystem posters in Africa. Have you ever sung under baobab tree? Have you seen stars when there are no lights for hundreds of miles?

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