Friday, December 15, 2006

Craig's List: Model of Real American Values

Fine story in NYT on the successful Craig's List folks explaining to Wall Street that they just aren't going to go there -- there being the monetized, advertised, web strip mining of information -- hammering you day in and out with commercials. Think about it.

People before Profits? There are many businesses-- mine included -- where work's value is in the creation. Happiness is the circle of people you can serve with your efforts.

The Capitalist Pigs on Wall Street want everyone to tow the profit line -- so their financiers can get $50,000,000 payouts as Christmas bonus.

I think there ought to be a confiscatory tax on that kind of "monetizing".

If you are Bill Gates or any other billionaire -- I don't care how great your foundation is-- and you are sitting on billions -- you got your money by overcharging your customers, underpaying your workers or both. There is so much corruption with money that instead of revulsion, we have Golden Calves to idolize.

We just call them corporations. This too shall pass.

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