Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gardenener Gifts for Christmas: Hummingbird Garden Botanic Art by Jean Emmons Paints Portrait of 7 Hummers & Top 22 Hummingbird Plants

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Jean Emmons won Gold Medal at Kew Botanic Gardens for best botanic artist last winter.

And she won best of show for the recent American Society of Botanic Artists annual conference in Seattle.

Ms. Emmons work original art cost thousands of dollars. You can get great art and teach at the same time by ordering her seven hummingbirds and 22 of their favorite plants Hummingbird Garden from Good Nature in December with my Buy 2 Get 2 FREE Sale.

Great Garden Gifts for your favorite green thumb. You can grow the plants in this scene and bring your yard to life all year.

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