Sunday, November 02, 2008

Don't Eat Meat Mondays to Stop Climate Crisis

Stop Global Warming - Actions

Don't eat meat? Well-- what's up with that? No meat Monday makes a world of sense only once you understand the industrial strength methane cows and other animals raised for beef give off.

Well -- all that bovine belching and farting creates methane-- and more climate changing gases come from animals than America's transport system.

More than all those trucks and cars out there. That is a huge problem. And you can make your heart happier as well as your mate by eating veg Monday nights. You'll stop buying all those animals who are farting and belching us into extinction, and you'll probably stop farting and belching so much, too.

Just please don't make me give up sharp cheddar cheese.

Thanks to Emily Gertz -- a fine NW writer for the tip.

Best fishes,


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