Sunday, November 02, 2008

Eureka! Salmon smolt found in Mendocino where they were almost extinct

SF Gate: Multimedia (image)

I get a kick out of this foto -- a devoted scientist snorkeling upstream finds a bunch of baby salmon in an area of Mendocino Co. that has been logged and damaged so much that folks thought the fish were extinct.

Kaput. Dead.

But there in a little stream lies Jennifer Carah, complete with snorkel and wetsuit. And as funny as she looks, she is there to tell the world about the miracle of nature, the power of restoration, and gives me a little hope that while hell in a hand basket may be how the land has looked, hoope springs eternal. Salmon smolt show up in the darnedest places. And with some help from her organization The Nature Conservancy and our tax money supporting this good work, this southern end of Cascadia is getting time to heal, to grow big trees and big fish once more.

Oh yes. I forgot-- the salmon asked that you get out and vote for Obama on Tuesday.



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