Saturday, November 08, 2008

Good Natured picks for President Elect Obama Cabinet

THe NYT has a blog post on who NOT to pick for Obama's Cabinet.

None of the typical D’s please. There is no change we can believe in with Rubin or Summers — wrong on free market, deregulated banks– these guys were yes men for Fed’s Greenspan who set up the financial disaster we have today. And they have endorsed the consolidation of big banks getting bigger which is a disaster waiting to happen.

You want more of the same? Not me. I am sure Obama will pick someone that is great for the job and he can work with.

Here is my list for other Cabinet members.

And I don’t expect the following people to get in, but people with their values should be running these departments. Some are picked to be counterpoints to the traditional "players: who run these Cabinet positiions. And just for fun…

Here is my fantasy picks just think outside the group:

Secretary of Health & Human Services: Dr. T. Berry Brazelton — a champion of families, kids health, and gem of a human being. Make Michael Phelps Ambassador of this dept.

Secretary of Interior: Terry Tempest Williams, author

Homeland Security: Wendell Berry

Secretary of Defense: Marion Wright Edelman

US Dept of Agriculture: Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver

UN: former Senator Tim Wirth (now runs the UN Foundation)

Who else?

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