Sunday, November 16, 2008

Giant Salmon from Battle Creek in California -- Whoa!

I have always wanted to see one of these huge salmon. What a sight! The story that goes with it out of the Sacramento Bee says if the fish was alive (it was found dead) it would weigh 88 lbs. (I love how it doesn't weigh 90 lbs -- in a monster fish story!) This explains the look on the Fisheries biologist Dave Killam's face holding it. A little too much weight and a little too much "eeeeuuuuwwww!" rotting fish.

Check out Good Nature's Wild Pacific Salmon poster art designed by Dugald Stermer -- one of the world's best artists.
There is an eerie resemblance between the salmon in the photo and Dugald's top dog of a fish.

I get excited just thinking about finding a fish that size in a creek. These are fish worth fighting for-- and all the efforts by people working to restore salmon runs in California, Oregon and Washington pay off a little bit when you see a big fish like this one coming home to spawn.

Got a big fish story of your own?

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PS: Click on Sacbee story link to get a supersized photo of this fish. Stunning detail. BIG pic.

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