Friday, May 07, 2010

So you want to get your book published?

How To Publish Your Book

I get called every week from writers seeking advice on publishing their book.

This is understandable, since I made a mistake of calling what is basically an art design business "Good Nature Publishing" and get listed by Yellow Pages, Google, etc...under the generic title "publishers."

So motivated self directed writers interested in getting published do what seems reasonable. They start calling publishers in their area and asking "How do I get my book published?'

I offer you a few ideas here to save you time and unnecessary phone calls to random publishers.

1. Please consider what kind of book you are writing. What is the subject matter?

2. Who publishes this kind of book? If you have your opus written, who publishes books like yours?

3. Where do you find out who publishes your kind of book? Generally-- the answer my friend is in your public library and bookstore. Go to your favorite robust bookstore and find the section that closest fits your genre. Fiction, self-help, history, sports, biography, non fiction-- you know the area you would find yourself on the shelves after that glorious day you are published. Go there.

4. Take notes of publishers names of books that are already published in your niche. Don't wasete your time cold calling anybody with publishing in their title.

5. Contact the publishers you have researched by mail, and follow up by phone. This route will probably take you from Seattle and other small press towns to New York, Los Angeles etc...

6. Consider how serious you are to get this book published.

a. Get an agent whose job it is to read, giggle test your writing and pitch the book to publishers the agent has already developed relationships with in NYC and other publishing hubs.

b. Consider self publishing online yourself and being your own distributor. You need a good editor ad a graphic designer to shape up your text.

c. Keep writing and editing while you are working to find your publisher.

7. Have fun on your search!

While I have limited interest in publishing books, if you get to the place where you are self publishing and need help with editing and preparing a book for press online, we can help you.

But if you want to get published, please review points 1-5 here. And best of luck on your journey.

Writing, editing and publishing are worthwhile adventures in self discovery, and can lead you to friendships, a fullfilled life, and wealth beyond measure: the satisfaction of seeing your thoughts organized into book form.

By taking the first steps toward getting published, researching who publishes your kind of writing, you can save yourself a lot of stumbling around in the dark and random calls to friendly art publishers.

Good luck!

Timothy Colman, poster sherpa
Good Nature Publishing

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