Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mount St. Helens Blow 30th Anniversary: New Habitat Everywhere

Seattle Times writer Lynda Mapes is one of my favorite reporters. You can read why if you have a chance to read this fine story about what scientists have found out about LIFE ON EARTH since the volcano blew up over 200 square miles of forest- clearing everything down to a bald mass of ash. See Mt. St. Helens story and let me know how many new amphibians names you learned.

One of my favorite artists painted a portrait of Mt. St. Helens a few years ago that is free for you to download here at USFS PNW Research Station

And if you have interest in a wonderful tv show on Mt. St. Helens, check out PBS' show -- beautiful work that teaches us indirectly about life on Earth and our place on it-- humbling.
Amazing grace.


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