Sunday, May 16, 2010

Partnership for Puget Sound posters: Why don't I like them?

Partnership for Puget Sound has tons of bucks -- at least relative to many grassroots green groups I have worked with in my life. They have a great mission - to clean up Puget Sound. They have good people on staff. They have us-- people who live around the Sound -- the Salish Sea-- that want to see it clean and green forever.

So why do they have so much crap for poster art? Here is PSP's poster campaign Is this funny and I don't get it? On the practical side, is it even effective?

I just do not understand.

The graphics are cheap. The message is so blunt it is off putting. And everyone who picks up after their dog is already nodding "Yes-- I do pick up after my pup." So what am I missing here?

Thanks for looking and for ideas to make me a more liberal understanding person.

best fishes,


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