Saturday, January 10, 2009

Former Israeli Army Captain: Three Reason to Stop the War On Gaza

Basta! Stop the Israeli war on Gaza. This is not a coincidence. The Israeli right knows there days of bombing with impunity are numbered because Obama will not be like Bush supporting this agression.

Sure the crazy people in Hamas lobbed bombs into Israel. But how is bombing everyone -- UN hospitals, mosques, schools with kids inside any solution, my brothers and sisters in Israel?

You are simply poking eyes out. More blind people running for their guns.

All people have a right to work, to eat, to clean water, and health care. And there must be recognition at some point that bombing and killing, walling people off is not a solution.

Join thousands of Israelis and Palestinians, and concerned people around the world to protest this war on Gaza. International day of protest January 10th. See links here as starting place for protests.

Americans have a special responsibility -- Israel is our 51st state -- and we fund them big time-- billions of dollars directly, and billions from business and money sent privately. All the bombing going on are part of the war machine we subsidize. Speak up with former soldiers like the Israeli above who are living proff there is another way.

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