Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Five Ways to Stop 100 Year Floods Every Year in Seattlopolis

Dan Siemann from National Wildlife Federation writes this opinion piece on the need for low impact development. From Seattle Times (Check out cool photos and movies on Seatimes website.)

What do you want to do different immediately? We have to start changing the way we live -- and speed up low impact development projects across Puget Sound.

I think we have to stop putting Walmarts next to the Chehalis. We need to rip up pavement in Seattle and make it porous. We need to refurbish our desert like rooftops and green them with plants that soak up and slow rain water that hits our rooftops.


Of course, I think art helps make change more understandable-- Good Nature has made a beautiful Rain Garden poster field guide for western Washington and Oregon. Complete with 24 native plants that are keyed from dry to wet places in your garden.

We're designing a new "Green Roof" and another one titled "Low Impact Development" poster featuring 10 of he top low impact development techniques that help encourage gardeners to control storm water and stop run off and pollution washing down the streets to the ocean.

Let me know if you want more info on these neat new poster field guides. I plan to make a similar series for different regions of America.

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