Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seattle flooding movie-- shot from helicopter over mighty Sno Valley

See the tree line in the Snoqualmie River Valley you see in this movie with all the water around it? That's the path of the river when it isn't flooded.

This movie shows the power of "the mighty Sno" -- and how big her flood plain really is. You'd never know thousands of people farm and live out there.

How much longer can we afford that I wonder?

Just think of all the toxic waste floating into the sea now that all this water has washed through every home and business, car lot and gas station in the Snoqualmie River.

Story about folks helping here

Given the certainty of climate crisis bringing us more big storms, do we really need to be building cities like Carnation and Duvall out there in the flood plain?

I love to go visit my friends who farm there. But it is crazy to develop more land that is really best used as a green sponge to slow and let water seep over.

We need to rip up the pavement here in Seattle, too. The days of cars hegemony in our lives is over. We simply can't afford all the costs -- pollution , climate impacts, and the killing of so many people every year in "accidents".



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Ewa said...

Hi Timothy!
Thank you for visiting and leaving great comment!

I didn't know about that flood - filmed from helicopter looks really scary.

We start real gardening from March, however last frost is coming abt 18th of May, so most frost tender plants have to wait that long.

Will consider visiting Seattle :)