Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daily Kos: a message of hope

Daily Kos: a message of hope I think Kid Oakland's piece here sums up the challenge and opportunity for all of us supporting Obama for President. That is-- it isn't about Obama -- though I like the idea of a smart person who knows what it is like to be working class living in the White House. Oakland is arguing for the Obama movement here-- how we work to nominate him, win in November and move forward to solve problems like universal health care, getting out of Iraq, creating green jobs that pay a decent wage for working America.

We need to have a plan for the next four years so people are not walking away after the election -- back to the distractions of life that keep us working while corporate lobbyists raid the chicken coop.

Our problem, our opportunity to build a democracy that has muscle and spirit-- and government that listens to people of all classes.



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