Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Already Big Thing on the Internet: Spying on Users - New York Times

The Already Big Thing on the Internet: Spying on Users - New York Times Big business is watching every click you take online.

You remember the 1st and 2nd Amendment? Well what about the 4th, Comcast? What about guaranteeing protection against illegal search and seizure, Google? Our homes, our bodies, our interests in searching ought to be left to ourselves -- and not gathered by our ISP and sold to the highest bidder.

Read the opinion piece above, and write Congress and your favorite Presidential candidate.

Let them know how you feel. Personally I have stopped taking polls on phone years ago-- people running them ought to pay me for sharing my opinion. They are making money on what I say. Why shouldn't I? And if Comcast (biggest cabe ISP in the country) and other providers are selling info on where I surf and what I look at online -- (how boring!) they shouldn't! The default setting on search and seizure for corporations should be the same as it is for government -- Not without a warrant.

IF you want to sell your information soul online-- then you opt in to sell it. But the companies have it backwards right now-- they are taking your monthly payment for internet services AND collecting, selling your online surfing history -- profiting without your consent or permission or profit.



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