Sunday, December 30, 2007

Red State Green

Red State Green

Red State Green writes about her problems ordering asparagus seed-- and in the process discovers the impersonal world of corporate support-- where it looks like three or for mid size nurseries are going in on one customer support phone service-- or maybe they are all owned by Home Despot and disguised as independent nurseries like Spring Hill, Gurney's?

I take the point away to shop locally for seeds as much as possible, or when you source your seeds somewhere else, look for an independent that is great at what they do.

Two customers of mine are American Meadows and Vermont Wildflower Farm

I love both places -- they have people who care about wildflower and other seed-- that's what they grow and love.

Somehow we have to balance out the botanical craving for the exotic color and cool plant with thoughtful purchases that signal your investment in small business, niche growers like Vermont Wildflower Farm and people who are right there on the phone to answer your questions.

Spring forth! Happy New Year.


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