Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Master Gardeners Green Greeting Cards Teach

Are you plotting next year's hummingbird garden?

Do you need ideas on what to plant for the perfect wildflower garden?

What if you got your planting tips in the form of beautiful art you could easily send to friends and fellow master gardeners?

I made a new series of Good Nature Greening Cards -- I call them "Greening Cards" because they're printed on fine certified forest papers (FSC for those who want the acronym) and feature art by the best realist artists in North America.

FSC certified papers are greener than some recycled content -- simply because recycled can mean anything from taking pulp that has fallen on the paper mill floor and putting it in the paper mix-- to super green 100% post consumer paper -- which is greener than certified.

So in a range of papers, we are printing on just about the greenest available for highest quality paper and green content.

To see posters of key plants and animals from Good Nature check out our Holiday art gift sale.

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