Thursday, May 18, 2006

Telephone companies screwing your internet service this week in Congress

Big Tel -- publicly subsidized and regulated fat monopolists who faint at real competitiveness, are working your Congressional delegation overtime this week to pass leglislation that prevents competition, raises the cost of internet services, and creates a class system to slow down small business' internet connection online.

Read Mayor Martin Chavez's perspective, (Albuquerque, N.M) here on CNET

Then get a hold of your Congresswomen and men and tell them we the people paid for the internet, we want public high quality information systems that are low cost.

Our internet is an information utility funded from the get go with public money to the Defense Dept.

Now that we use it so much, the privateer pirates are trying to get their hands on a business that isn't theirs to begin with! We built it, we paid for research to make it better, and we already own it. We don't need to screw it up by giving telephone and cable companies more control over the net.

A side note: It always bugs me when I see maps of how much each country pays for internet connection -- and we Americans pay the most-- I believe because we don't flex our democratic political muscle and insist on a low cost, super fast internet. Korea has 20 x the throughput on their net, and it costs the average subscriber $20 a month.

Comcast's usurious tax on my service at home alone is $56 a month. Pirates! Customers wonder what costs so much in small businesses -- I can tell you one element of costs every month is the overly inflated expense of telephone and internet. Hidden tax -- fealty to the corporate kings that pay off Congress to prevent competition.



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