Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Michael Pollan writes about Wal Mart & Organics

Organic Food at
Wal-Mart...why don't these words go together?

Michael Pollan

NYT's blog entry -- summarizing the essential craziness of Wal Mart going organic.

What is next? The pillars of big box cheap labor extolling the virtues of slow food cooked by SEIU chefs?

How about something even more subversive like slow shopping?

Or if we dare to bring up the truly heretical, NO SHOPPING! Oh -- the day Wal Mart has a no shopping day, you know golden calves (Visa/Master Card, AMEX ) of our state religion has been undone.

Why is a small businessman saying this? Well-- I tell you friend -- small business is always going to be here. This state religion-- going to the mall temple and walking down aisles fosters loneliness and lack of vision. You don't need to buy someone else's brand. You need to be yourself and stop seeking approval through purchase of stuff.

It wasn't that long ago that there was no shopping on Sundays. My Grandpa & Grandma were always happy with Sundays to be spent at church and with family.

People recognized the importance of a day in the community. And we know in our hearts that you can't buy happiness. I sit quietly in the morning before exercise, and find happiness in meditating, in welcoming dawn.

This is an experience -- like connecting with nature, a good friend, or a great book-- you cannot buy what matters most.

Here is some more food for thought: I leave you with this story in the upcoming Orion Magazine
on food being grown in North Dakota, and how small farmers are winning against big corporations.

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