Friday, May 19, 2006

New Toucan & Orchid Watercolor by Carol Woodin

Carol Woodin's one of the best orchid watercolor artists in the world. Original commissions are two year waits she is in such demand. Here she has extended her award winning artistic talents to a beautiful scene: Toucan and orchid -- painted from recent journey to Ecuador.

I see toucans, I think rainforests of South America. (Actually I see a cereal box, then the rainforest shows up after I consider how awfully sugary it tasted.)

And the rainforests need our help now more than ever. So a portion of sale of each print we make will go to groups working to protect and celebrate rainforests of Central and South America that the toucan calls home.

Toucan & orchid: $3950 per limited edition print signed and numbered edition of 25. Get it for your grandchildren's collection. It is a keeper.

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