Friday, October 24, 2008

"World's Most Beautiful Maps" -- WSJ Northwest Watersheds Cascadia Map

"World's most beautiful maps." -- Wall St. Journal

Hi from Good Nature in Seattle.

Good news! I am printing my third edition of on Good Nature's Cascadia watersheds map titled Pacific Northwest Watersheds

Do you need beautiful educational biodiversity art for fundraising incentives, volunteer appreciations, outreach and education?

I recommend ordering a mix Maps Salmon, Wildflowers, NW Hedgerows and other posters for volunteer appreciations, outreach & education.

Good Nature's custom map features all the watersheds of the coniferous temperate rain forest-- the Copper River south of Anchorage to the Eel and Russian River north of San Francisco.

We cover all your turf and then some in the most glorious hypsographic color palette ever made. Don't take my word for it.

Wall Street Journal calls Raven Maps "World's most beautiful maps."

And Raven made this map just for Good Nature.

Good Nature's beautiful PNW Watershed Map (36" x 24") featuring all the watersheds in the Pacific Northwest.

Can I reserve a 100 -1000 for your outreach and education? You
benefit from a group order that is already 60% subscribed.

Here are special prices- and it is easy to order -- just enter your quantity online, reply to this email or call me @ 800 631 3086.

PNW Map Special Offer Limited Time -October 31st.

$25/ $50 laminated
Buy 2 get 2 Free
Order 10 or more for $12.50 ea -save 50% today
Order 100 for $3.99 ea save 80%+
Order 1000 for $2.99 ea and get your logo/contact info added for $300 save 88%
5000 + Maps are $2.50 ea (you can add a narrative on the back for this quantity)
10,000 maps are $1.99 ea

This map is great for people who want the highest quality watershed map for the watersheds big picture-- with no roads, and political boundaries receded so you can see the beautiful terrain we live in.

And combine that map with our Salmon, Conifers, Broadleaved Trees, Old Growth Forest and Hedgerow Riparian buffer art-- teachers have a great art series to connect kids and nature students of all ages.


Hope all is well.


Timothy Colman, Publisher

PS: Please order today-- reply to email or call me @ 800 631 3086

You can mix titles if you like-- pick up some more Pacific Salmon

I also have an 11" x 17" version of Good Nature's Pacific Salmon for .99 cents ea per 100

Here is what Guido Rahr, Wild Salmon Center Executive Director said about our salmon art:

"The Pacific Salmon of North America print captures the tenacity and beauty of Pacific salmon and steelhead like no other. It should hang in schools, homes, and the offices of elected officials -- to give notice that these fish are worth fighting for!"
Guido Rahr, Executive Director, Wild Salmon Center

PSS: Rain Garden posters are our best seller this year -- can you use some for outreach? See art @

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