Saturday, October 25, 2008

Talking Business - So When Will Banks Give Loans? - That 700 billion? We've been taken to the cleaners

Talking Business - So When Will Banks Give Loans? - Read and weep, then revolt!

It is disgusting to see the Bush Treasury Dept. using our tax money to help big banks consolidate into even bigger banks -- instead of spending the money on loans to small businesses that can repay them.

I am at a loss here. Are we an idiot nation? Senator Dodd? Are you really in favor of making big banks bigger?

I want more banks smaller. Think regional, think about sweating deals with solid small and medium size businesses with competition from credit unions and other small banks for the same business.

But the $700 billion we just gave Treasury is doing no such thing. Rip off.

The Democrats leading this bail out operation are AS Responsible as the Republicans -- who you expect nothing less than monopoly capitalism from anyway.

Time for big changes.



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