Monday, February 25, 2008

BBC NEWS | Africa | S Africa to allow elephant cull

BBC NEWS | Africa | S Africa to allow elephant cull
Another case of human over population leading us to demonize an animal in order to kill it off -- to "cull" as we like to say about murder.

Here in suburban Seattle some people have the same perspective about cougars living in their neighborhood. Excuse me. Your planned community was built in that cat's forest aka its home.

But the way we see it is with a rifle scope.

I want to see more urban corridors left open for wildlife -- so we begin to integrate them into our daily lives -- and coexist.

This news about elephants being killed in the face of the biggest extinction of species going on today. Why?

Because of our relentless push into other animals habitats on land and sea, we need to find another path.

And this is not just a case of overzealous brutality to wild animals. Our food comes from slaughterhouses full of brutality to animals AND the people working in them.

With regard to the "culls" of wildlife -- there has to be a new balance struck that gives animals their own "space" to thrive.

This space creates a refuge that in turn makes us human.

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