Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Green Collar Jobs: Social Justice & Green economy

Green collar jobs: old fashioned blue collar jobs with a green mission-- is the subject of Tom Friedman's editorial in today's NYT

Working class America has been gutted by Bush and Clinton trade policies. Jobs have gone overseas and are not coming back.

Green collar jobs offer us an opportunity to stop shipping all jobs overseas. What are these jobs? Insulating homes, installing solar panels, building wind farms, planting trees in cities to cool them off, and all kinds of re-use, recycle work.

How many millions of jobs can we create? Who are candidates pushing for these jobs? Who is standing up for investments in fresh air, clean water, and good green jobs?

Polar bears are dying, sure. Extinction looms large. But people have to eat, they have to work. Self respect and a full belly come before compassion for others-- and I mean polar bears as the Other.

We can change this world.
Instant resources for investing in green economy -- see Apollo Alliance

In Seattle, check out Sightline Institute

See Urban Habitat



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