Monday, October 22, 2007

The Future is Drying Up by Jon Gertner NYT Magazine 10/21/2007

Climate - Drought - Global Warming - American West - Arizona - Utah - Colorado - New Mexico - Nevada - New York Times

Read this story to understand water in the West. And read NYT reporter Jon Gertner's finely woven tale for the pleasure of compelling writing and editing.

You won't look at water the same way again-- no matter where you live.

Of course it goes without saying that water is a public not private right. But we are going to see pitched battles between capitalists trying to squeeze a buck out of a common good like water, and communities like Denver and Seattle that have invested for over 100 years to keep water public, clean and "cheap".

The "cheap water" part is ending-- climate crisis and the rapid drying out of the West will see to that-- but public utilities will have public mandates for socially just water distribution -- private enterprise only profits.

There is something about climate crisis that makes me think of that warning in a car's side view mirror - "objects in mirror may be closer than they look."



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