Friday, November 04, 2005

Hedgerows of Puget Sound with Northwest Native Biodiversity

Copyright Good Nature Publishing Co. 2006. Illustrated by Suzanne Duranceau. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Hedgerows of Puget Sound

Hedgerows of Puget Sound illustrates the rich biodviersity farms can encourage by growing native shrubs and trees together into living fences.

Hedgerows provide us with many benefits: they prevent soil erosion, improve fertility, and create riparian buffers that protect precious wetlands from pollution.

King Co. Conservation District commissioned this art to educate farmers and urbanistas about the value of hedgerows to our rural landscape.

Available for now by asking for it. We'll update the website soon. $16.99/$30 laminated.

Get yours today by calling 1-800 631-3086 or go to Good Nature's website and add this new poster to your order. (Just write in Hedgerows poster in your order page "Comments" box.

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