Monday, November 14, 2005

Ecosystems in Peril: Invasive Plants of Interior Northwest Forests

Ecosystems in Peril: Invasive Plants of the Interior Northwest. Copyright Good Nature Publishing Co. 2005 Illustrated by Mike Lee.

Ecosystems in Peril is a new poster by Good Nature Publishing artist Mike Lee. The focus of this art is to introduce urbanistas, campers, naturalists and biology teachers about the serious problems we face in the Northwest forests due to invasive plants.

First in a series of poster size field guides to educate and activate citizens in the Northwest about plant problems we can solve today before they get out of hand.

For ordering info please contact Good Nature Publishing http:/ or call 800-631 3086.

Treemendously, Timothy Colman, publisher

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Dave said...

Hi Timothy,

Wanted to visit your site since you came by mine and I appreciated that. While living in Seattle ('98-'01) I got the chance to visit the rainforest on the Olympic Penninsula a couple times. Where I lived I could see the Olympic Mts. from my bedroom and from where I worked I could walk 4 blocks to Puget Sound. It was all incredible.

When I taught, ecology was a main focus of my classes each year. You may not be able to see the impact you and your site are having, but little by little you ARE awakening people to this important need.

Keep it up!

Dave - Saintly Sinner