Thursday, September 30, 2010

New from Good Nature: San Juan Islands Wildflower, Habitat, Trails, Park Finder Map

Hot off the press! A beautiful new satellite map with trails and parks of San Juan Islands on the front, Wildflower and island habitat guide on the back.

Retails for $9.95 in metro Seattle @ Globe Books @ Pioneer Square, Metsker Maps online and @ Pike Place Market, and Wide World Maps and Books in Wallingford neighborhood Seattle, University Bookstore. Wholesale available.

Interested?  Please call me @ 206 271 3490 or email.

This is a custom map design for Learning Puzzle distributed exclusively by Good Nature Publishing in Seattle.  Pretty excited about how it turned out!

Arthur Lee Jacobson wrote the fine narrative with Learning Puzzle's  Lani Dodge.  Arthur and Lani contributed native plant photos.  I felt smarter reading their prose about the various habitats and flora in the San Juan Islands.

Scott Atkinson -- San Juan Island Native Plant expert edited and shaped species list, contributed native plant photos.

And Mike Lee @ Colvos Creek Nursery contributed fine photographs of key species.

Leslie Newman Design contributed her excellent design skills and several photos to this beautiful map and habitat guide we published.

Discounts available for native plant groups and for outreach and education.

This guide is designed for people living in the San Juan Islands or visiting for vacation, orcas and get outside.

Beautiful and educational map and habitat guide guaranteed to help you learn about key habitats and natural history on the San Juan Islands.

Printed on green papers

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