Friday, February 26, 2010

Brainstorming about new poster design projects

Five Projects I want to get off the ground in 2010

There seems to be a missing piece in the climate impacts narratives we illustrate.

No people integrated into the scenes.

I am daydreaming about a streams of scenes painted by the same artist to show off.

What would they show? I think the posters should make an effort to make the invisible visible. Gender, poverty and climate -- more specifically how women are impacted by climate crisis while they are living in poverty around the world.

How about a scene from the asian pacific, another from a Chinese desert, an Alaskan ocean shore eroding, and a butterfly on a Sierra mountain it has never been seen on before.

The challenge is to illustrate the art and tie it together with a good writer to make the piece sing.

Print a series of posters long narrow pieces — maybe 18 x 36 for 10,000 copies.

Project two: Hire artists to tell stories on climate impacts.

Could range from movies to Ray Troll, hire artists to work out their responses to climates.

Project three: Interpret the Seattle Sound Transit light rail trip. Create a template field guide to Sound Transit Light rail from downtown Seattle in the tunnel to the airport. Focus on the natural history, flora and fauna of the area. Brief, scenic, artistically interesting, fold out field guide to be used in transit and tied to website with more information.

Project four: Climate Impacts on Yosemite: Use the research in front of us to tell the story of moving plants and animals across the park over the past 100 years and into the next 100 years.

The Yosemite project could be a template for a series of posters focused on Climate Impacts on National parks.

Project five: disease, gender, poverty climate impacts. Africa, South America, Asia, Indonesia. Paint the story of what is happening to people and animals in countries at the front of the climate crisis.

Just getting started on which posters to seek co sponsors for in 2010.

Stay tuned.



Kathleen Faulkner said...

I like your ideas very much. I have some Northwest Designer Craftsmen friends who are heavily involved in the Sound Transit rail project. I'd be happy to hook you guys up, if you're interested.

Timothy said...

Dear Kathleen,

Thanks! I would welcome any connections to ST -- expect we'll have fun making this art. I have had it in the back of my mind for a few years to make a route specific field guide that helps people connect to the natural world we are returning to here in Seattle.

Questions I have wondered:

What lived here before we did?
(Indian settlements, flora fauna)

What was the land like?
(swamps, forest, farms, river,before highways)

How about over time?
(fossils, first settlements etc...)

I think a fold out field guide could inspire some place based learning and adventures.



PS: I can imagine the field guide tying into Google Maps or something similar.

Kathleen Faulkner said...

That's exciting, Tim. I'll get some addresses together for you, as well. I love your ideas... and your artwork.

Angin said...

good article thanks