Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Special Love Your Stream poster 80% discount through February 28, 2010

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"Beautiful & educational. Our teachers love Good Nature's fine art!" -- Audubon

"Horticultural fine art!"-- Sunset Magazine

Hi from Good Nature

LIDS FOR KIDS! Do you want to teach people stormwater pollution prevention practices? I have eight clean water tips for kids K-5th grade illustrated by award winning artist Sherry Neidigh. She makes great art for Good Nature, National Wildlife Federation and children's books.

We have a great new LOVE YOUR STREAM poster to help with your K-5th
grade outreach and education.

See front page of Good Nature's website and click on Love Your Stream .

Order 100+ for teachers and get a FREE b&w coloring page to hand out
to teachers. FREE SHIPPING with your order this week, too. (Save $25)

The Free B&W reduced size Love Your Stream poster is designed to work
for you. Kids color it in class (teachers love this quiet time
activity) , take it home and teach their proud parents who
see the art every day on the fridge door. Then the parents get the
same message about clean water you are teaching kids in school.

Want to change the world with art that makes a difference?

Here's a coupon saving you over $1000 today on quantities of 100 or more
Love Your Stream posters this week. FREE SHIPPING when you order 100
or more today.

Save 80% this week online or call me at 206 622 9522.

Hurry! Limited number of posters sold at this discount in February-- regular
retailing @ $14.99 ea

I guarantee your teachers will be love the art painted by award
winning children's illustrator Sherry Neidigh, and your kids will
learn all about reducing non point pollution.

best fishes,


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