Monday, February 09, 2009

Op-Ed Columnist - The Destructive Center -

Op-Ed Columnist - The Destructive Center - What is Obama thinking? You can't win negotiating with yourself.

It isn't post partisan to cave in when you don't need to. It is bad politics.

Next up a Bush lite give away to the banks -- more dissembling instead of disrupting the status quo.

We need smaller banks that are much higher regulated. Taxpayers shouldn't be stuck with the bill. Do what Sweden did and take over the banks. We have in effect anyway.

Then sell off the good ones and figure out how to unload the bad debts.

And if I don't see some justice getting these bad actors in the banks court and then jail time, then the game is over and Obama isn't even in February.

Wake up Barack!

What do you think? Frustrated? Happy?


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