Saturday, December 20, 2008

Labor Secretary Solis - Hope Amid the Gloom -NYT Opnion by Bob Herbert

Op-Ed Columnist - Hope Amid the Gloom - Bob Herbert writes so well and moves from one paragraph to the next with such ease, it masks the work involved to make the case for workers succinctly as he does.

Labor Secretary Solis will be a welcome shift left in a department that has been MIA for too long.

I could go on -- but please consider reading the source directly. I consider William Safire and Bob Herbert to be two of the best writers in the NYT. Unfortunately, Safire isn't on the Op Ed any more.

We have poor cousins slumming in Safire's place as conservative commentariat -- hacks who puffed up their jobs writing press releases for mean spirited right wingers. William Kristol is first on my list -- an Iraq war pimp who gets political cover by being published in the NYT.

We'll see if there is justice in this world -- if Bush and Cheney and some of their media pimps who ginned up this war on Iraq -- an unprovoked war wasting lives and money. My guess is it will take a while.

Meanwhile, Obama's steady hand is already cause for hope, and the attention working people will get -- up from 0 will help us all in the next few years. Glad to know Solis at Labor comes from working class roots and has been active in helping people organize.

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