Wednesday, June 04, 2008

U.S. Auto Sales Plunge, Drag Market Down In May -

U.S. Auto Sales Plunge, Drag Market Down In May -

Here is a story that has been written for 30 years.

Toyota, Honda and all the other small is beautiful car companies have been sending good smoke signals that the future is what tehy are selling-- people want small cars.

And fuel efficient ones. OK-- I want a NO fuel cars-- I want a car that has for exhaust water. At least not the $45 I just spent in my Corolla to fill it up.

Why should American companies be so far behind? We have let corporate short term profits -- read trucks, minivans, etc...set the policy for United States-- who have been telling Americans -- don't worry, be happy and drive.

Now the fruits of our ignorance and apathy have been set at our table. High profit margins for oil companies, giant auto companies cutting jobs and collapsing in front of our eyes. It might get worse.

But $4 a gallon gas seems to be the time when people start changing behavior-- buying differently.

It is about time.

Now we need to build political muscle to grow the rapid transit systems we need, and get people out of cars.

Biking? For some-- but I am betting there are some much smaller electric cars that we can look at bringing online quickly.

What else?

Conservation is a big one. See Rocky Mountain Institute for more info.

What else?

Well-- we're on the bus a lot more here in Seattle.

And now the Honda Civic is America's bestselling cars. Americans are smart-- we'll change-- but we need some policies that direct investment over the next 20 years. Then we aren't permanently behind and beholden to short term thinking that does us in.

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