Saturday, January 05, 2008

Etheridge Misses Kucinich - ABC Censors Candidates at Republican & Democratic Debate

Etheridge Misses Kucinich - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog

There is something wrong when American candidates for President get their heads cut off before the campaign for PResident really gets started.

And what a coincidence: The two most populist anti corporate candidates Ron Paul on the Right and Dennis Kucinich on the Left are both stopped -- and can't speak at their respective debates this weekend in New Hampshire.

The airways are public and democracy is by definition messy.

ABC's heavy handed declaration of thresholds is a good example of what is wrong with America-- too much influence by rich media and corporate power.

It is time to stop this cowering powerlessness-- and move to free advertising on all the main networks.

And let people speak -- even dissenting and minority views.



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bucketslogg said...

Yeah, well... I am effing angry, frustrated, baffled, stunned... These corporate whores would sell their own mothers for a frekin dime. They, of all people, except the politicians, know what is at stake here, yet- so what?, there's money to be made.

Even the whole immigration flack comes down to greed. If we give these people any legitimacy then we'd have to give them decent wages and, god forbid -benefits. By continuing to demoralize them, we get to keep them oppressed and working for our table scraps.

For profit health care is the only reason I have only been able to donate $250 to Dennis, but as soon as I get more money, I'll send it to him. And I have never given to a politican in my life. I don't consider myself poor but its a lot tougher than it used to be. When I look at minimum wages and the base conditions people have to work in, I feel on the brink of insanity. Look how we treat the animals that feed us. The fear and loathsome conditions these animals who give their lives unwillingly for us are made to live and die in the most horrible of existences even eating unnatural diets that make them sick. And you are what you eat... We eat that fear and pain and sickness and uglyness and it is consuming us.

It is happening across the board. WE THE PEOPLE are getting minimized exponentially. How many comments now have to be approved prior to being posted on more and more and more sites????? Where are our freedoms??????? What does it mean to leave a comment if they only want certain comments left?

You people out there who have heartbeats and bank accounts need to act. I would if I could... I can't. We need to hit back with media as well. We need to do it now. It can and it will get worse without fast action.