Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Poem by Palestinian American Narmeen

Narmeen Dakak wrote me this week to ask for help publishing her poetry. I love poems and poets. Ms. Dakak is 14 and American Palestinian and has been writing poems for about 2 years.

If only you knew
If only you knew
The tears I shed at night
The memories I remember when I cry
The pain I feel when im sad
The feeling of lose when im mad
Remembering you and how you used to be
Wishing you weren’t changed
And go back to being the friend I once had
I once loved
I once adored
And looked up to
But now that’s gone
If you only you knew
The pain I feel every night
The wetness of my pillow
The thoughts of you and me
The feeling of depression when I see what could have been
Watching what I have lost
Hoping one day it was all a dream
And not reality
The pain I feel
When I know that you are there
just not for me
Knowing that you still love me
Just not like it used to be
Knowing that I threw it away
And it wont come back
If only you knew
My reality behind my eyes
If only you saw
How im faking the smile everyday
How im hiding the pain of you inside
How im trying really hard to forget you
But I see you everyday
And this is reality
And life wont change for the benefit
And your not willing to change for me

And im willing for you
How I would be there till the end with a smile on my face
And how you would wander off somewhere
With the look of interest in something other than me
And the pain I feel when I follow
Knowing I cant give up
If only you knew
The pain I feel
Everyday of my life
The sadness behind my eyes
The lies that I say
The fake life that I live for you
The love that I have fading away
Hatred moving upon reality
And life ending slowly
And soul dying
And crying
And If only you knew

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