Thursday, November 09, 2006

Children in a Time of War -poem by Linda Pastan

Apple Season in a Time of War
by Linda Pastan

The children are terrible
in their innocence,
and the frightened parents
can neither scold nor protect them

as the leaves continue to fall
like tiny portents
from the ancestral trees.
Weather is all

that remains unchanged,
with its accidental
almost merciful cruelties,
its winds, its falling temperatures.

But I can hear the children
whose laughter rings
like small but dangerous
hammers on an anvil.

I can hear the buzz of radio voices,
persistent as insects
on all the frequencies
of madness.

Thanks to J. Hildebidle


Anonymous said...

These images have seperated my heart and saddened my eyes.

Donalda Jean Bruce said...

...A Poem & Prayer For Iraq...
The war takes away so many,
Unfair to the innocent,
Little babies and children too,
Families suffer oh so plenty,
Broken hearts are left with sorrow,
We are waiting for the end,
God sees - for He is watching,
He is the one who has the power,
Who we need Lord is only You,
Please embrace us with your love,
Stop all the pain and the sadness,
Bless Us Lord With All Your Love,
What we want is a World of Peace.