Saturday, August 12, 2006

Democrats missing opportunity with suspected terrorist arrest

The Bush war PR flak machine was out talking down Ned Lamont as you'd expect. Dick Cheney was on cue -- telling any reporter who still listens to him that capitalist millionaire Democrats like Lamont are just what terrorists want. Right.

But I think the Republican attacks since Joe Lieberman lost are really a cover up of Bush Cheney's (and Lieberman) support for unilateral invasion, military force, and no diplomacy.

Think about it. No matter what you say about the timing- the arrests of suspected terrorists on Tuesday are how we want to fight small bands of criminals. It is a police story. (Note to London: I would say the line "suspected terrorists" means you don't blast name and address of suspects all over the world until they have been found guilty. If some official calls you suspect, they can shoot you without consequence in Iraq, but we used to have a different definition of suspect. Today suspect appears to equal guilty which appears to be a synonym for "dead".)

The story that Bush and Cheney want to cover up is complicated -- but less about Lamont's huge win. What if it gets out that the English intelligence service is how we win the fight against small groups who want to scare the bejezus out of all of us blowing up planes.

But let's see if the democrats do anything different.

The story of arrests in England is a story democrats should be trumpeting -- it is at its heart a story about investigation, research, puzzling through evidence -- police work.

And the investigators in England are what democrats should be for -- the path not chosen by the Bush Bombs Away & chuck diplomacy team.

No bombs were dropped, thousands of people didn't get killed in a unilateral invasion by our country -- the kind of results you see in England can't happen with the Bush team -- and that is why they have to go. Lieberman is the first of many who will get the boot if Democrats make it clear they are for the type of smart intelligence gathering that secured peace we saw in England.

Joe Lieberman and the Republicans are trying to bomb their way out of a police investigation.

No sign of Osama bin Laden, yet.

Tim Colman

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