Friday, April 21, 2006

Salmon Nation gets a Boost from Columbia Winery

Good news!

Columbia Winery is launching a campaign to protect wild Pacific Salmon in April.

Good Nature's Pacific Salmon of North America artful portrait of all five wild salmon by award winning artist Dugald Stermer graces the premier Northwest winery's case cards on display nationwide.

Columbia Winery is contributing a portion of sales from this campaign to the good people at Ecotrust who are working hard to protect Salmon Nation.

Spread the word. Saving salmon habitat means saving our habitat -- and the pleasure of grilling a wild Alaska King salmon on a warm summer day, glass of Columbia Winery pinot noir (for me) in hand. Circles of sustainability should all be this tasty!

"The Pacific Salmon of North America print captures the tenacity and beauty of Pacific salmon and steelhead like no other. It should hang in schools, homes, and the offices of elected officials -- to give notice that these fish are worth fighting for!"

Guido Rahr, Executive Director, Wild Salmon Center

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