Sunday, February 19, 2006

Solar power meets climate political crisis


There is no climate crisis.

There is no creativity crisis.

We are living in a time of political crisis.

We are looking around, hoping for the political fix that only you and I can provide to avert climate change from destroying civilization.

We need a field guide to social change that protects species including our own -- from ourselves.

The photo above is taken from a story in the New York Times on oil rich Chad's inability to distribute oil wealth to aid its citizens living in poverty.

It is a vivid picture of hell on earth.

The oil companies record record profits, yet do as little as possible to distribute this wealth from Chad and other countries back to its people.

It seems to me that we cannot talk about environment without confronting poverty.

And we can't confront our carbon addiction and the twelve or twenty steps necessary to break it without some easy to capture measure and accurate taxes to cover the carbon's cost.

Finally, there exists today a bright, green and healthy future for all of us.

The crisis we are living in right now is a crisis of taking back political power now in the hands of a few energy companies that is throttling change. Capitalism has been hijacked in the name of greed -- and it is time to take it back from the big oil companies and auto industry that are invested in status quo death spiral heat building carbon addicted behaviors.

Change can come in 5 years. We need a Marshall Plan similar to what has been proposed by Jay Inslee in Congress and the Apollo Project.

We can make it happen -- a note to courage you about solar power here.

It seems to me we have to stop calling gas stations gas stations. What should they be called so we connect more people to their deadly consequences?

I think of a campaign where this name we give gas stations gets printed on bumper stickers and stuck to gas pumps across the country.

Similar to the "I'm Changing the Planet -- ask me how!" bumper sticker popular a few years ago.

Ideas? Leave them here in comments.

with love all around,


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