Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Biodiversity in the balance: Wolf Restoration in Yellowstone poster

Wolves in Yellowstone

I am beginning work on a new biodiversity poster for Yellowstone. The art will be a watercolor similar in look and feel to Good Nature's California Oak Woodlands poster. John Pitcher will be painting the artwork

Wolves were introduced to the park 10 years ago.

I want to design a poster field guide that shows the diverse changes that have resulted to the area's plants and animals.

A species list is the first step in getting our art started. Doug Smith, lead biologist in charge of wolf re -introduction to Yellowstone gave me this starter list.

Here is the draft list for your review of species to consider being
illustrated on our four color watercolor poster:

Black bear

Pronghorn antelope

Golden eagle
Bald eagle
Yellow throated warbler
Western bluebird
Yellow warbler



Everyone of these animals and plant have a rich story between them and the wolves of Yellowstone.

Any additions welcome.

See Good Nature's Oak Woodland Community for example of look and feel I want for Wolves of Yellowstone poster.

What is a good title for this poster?

What other plants and animals should be on it?

How many science teachers across the country are teaching about wolves in Yellowstone?

More information:

US National Park Service Wolf Re- introduction

Defenders of Wildlife

National Geographic geared to kids

Orion Magazine fine story by Rick Bass

Photo credit of wolf behind aspen from GORP type in Yellowstone and go to slide show.

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