Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Stop killing trees for catalogs

Think about this scene the next time your REI, LL Bean, Sahalie, Columbia and other "green" type retail outfit asks you to flip through their product line on paper.

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Norene said...

This is a great reminder. What a photo.

I've also recently started entirely boycotting Kleenex tissue. I haven't bought any in years (not fter I realized that it includes 0% recycled fiber--it's all virgin wood) but I no longer take a box at work to keep at my desk, either.

That's not much of a stand, I admit. It would be better to approach the powers that be at the company I work for and see if we could get some different tissue (and tissue is not the only problem we have with non-green supplies). Who knows, maybe I'll end up heading that direction?

In the meantime, I prefer every bit of reminder that is offered to me to help me be conscious of what lurks behind the everyday objects in our world. Thanks.